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Queen Bethoria

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Queen Bethoria Empty Queen Bethoria

Post  ZenaRoth on Mon May 28, 2012 9:20 pm

Queen Bethoria Evil_g10

Personal Information

Gender: Female

Age: her age is only known to her high council

Name: First-Bethoria Last-still looking

Likes: the King and founder of spindrill also her father, the only one she has ever looked up to.

-Loves to wear hats

Dislikes: Men she can't control

Personality: Bethoria is super smart as well as very hidden by nature. She never shares anymore than she has to about her feelings and is very good at getting what she wants in negotiations. Bethoria stands tall and straight always committing to her duties

Physical Information

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Weight: around 145

Eye color: light green

Hair color: long curly red/blonde

Scars: N/A

Distinct traits: a black color lining her eyes helps distinguish her eyes as well as keep people focused and is permanent

General appearance: above picture



Father (name)- Bethoria went to war with him in the fight for spindrill's land making her relationship with him very strong.

mother- completely unknown

Friends: none yet

Pets/Mounts: (Does your character have a notable pet or mount? If so please describe that pet/mount physically or send an image. Also, include some background information and a name for this pet/mount. Please inform us of that pet/mount's breed, height and any useful physical traits it may or may not have. Please don't go overboard. No one will be starting with a dragon for example.)

Role & Affiliation

Affiliation: Spindrill city/province council

Rank: inherently Queen

Former Affiliation(s): former daughter of the Great Cities

Occupation: full time beneficiary of Rathenezz for mostly Spindrill

Years in Service: 31 years, since death of the spindrill king

-set of hand made armor made from shrill elemental skins

Primary Weapon(s)

NOTE: Members may only start out with ONE primary weapon!

Type: curved dagger
Name: still deciding
Range: range varies, around 20 feet as a throwing weapon. 7 inches in length
Weight: 12 oz
Grip: one handed
Ammunition: unlimited

Appearance: Queen Bethoria Curved_dagger


Type: (What type of weapon does your character use secondly to his/her primary weapon? A dagger, bow, etc...?)
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Weight: (How much does this weapon weigh in pounds? Keep it relative to the wielder's own weight, and the type of weapon it is.)
Grip: (Is this a one-handed or two-handed weapon?)
Ammunition: (If this is a mid-long-range weapon, how many projectiles can it fire per in-character thread?)

Appearance: (What does this sidearm look like? Feel free to send us an image, or describe what it looks like in detail.)


(Does your character have any gadgets at his/her disposal? Perhaps he/she is a skilled thief or assassin and uses a grappling hook to get over walls. If he/she does have gadget(s) at their disposal what kind of gadget is it, and describe how he/she uses the gadget. DO NOT go overboard with gadget(s). Feel free to send us an image, or describe what it looks like.)


Queen Bethoria Elanor-circlet1
made by her father

Armor/Special clothing

Queen Bethoria Lightning3

Inborn Ability Information

NOTE: Members are restricted from starting with an inborn ability!! In order to have an inborn ability you have to earn it through hard-work and dedication to the forum. However, the Staff is willing to make an exception if the majority of the Staff approve of a members request to have an inborn ability at the start.

Name: (What is the name of your character's inborn ability? The name should distinguish it from other inborn abilities, along with what exactly it does.)
Stage: (What level is this Inborn Ability? Keep in mind that if you've been granted permission, you have to start with Stage One of your Inborn Ability. There are a maximum of three Stages.)
Type: (Is this inborn ability offensive, defensive, supplementary, illusory or versatile?)
Description: (What does this inborn ability allow your character to do, how does it effect your character or its target(s)? What does it look like when it's in use? What does the character have to do, if anything, in order to trigger the inborn ability?)
Range: (In feet or meters, how far is this inborn ability's range? If it's an area-of-effect inborn ability, what is its radius? If it is a self-inflicted inborn ability, just type Self.)
Physical changes: (Do any physical changes occur when this inborn ability is active? If so, feel free to send an image of the what your character turns into, if anything, or simply describe how his/her appearance changes at all.)
Origin: ( explain your character's relationship to the inborn ability or even his/her experiences with it in a paragraph of at least 3-5 sentences.)
Cooldowns/Post-count Duration/Drawbacks/Side-effects: (Inborn abilities won't get approved unless they have equally high drawbacks. What is the negative of this inborn ability, if there is one? And if not, how long does it last in a thread, or what are its side-effects?)

Biography & RP-Sample

Birthplace: lost city of Zaderac

Biography: Bethoria has lived a life of destiny and hardship first losing the city she was born in, hence losing a mother she never knew, and next losing the Father she loved more than anything in the world. When she was only a young girl she fought with her father in the war against the Shrill to gain a great kingdom. When they finally had it in there grasp her father had changed...and begun a new life...changing her perspective on her own life. their relationship grew thinner and she began to wonder if he loved her anymore. a few days later her father died of an unknown cause, mysteriously she was the only witness to his demise and never talked about it again. And now with nothing to guide her she rules Spindrill looking for her new purpose in life...will her search ever end? will anyone ever know what had happened to her father?

Role-Playing Sample: Bethoria's eyes flew open as she gained her breath from the previous blow to the head. she rolled to the side as a diamond hand extended toward her face missing her by no means a wide distance. Then using her left arm to push herself off the ground she spun herself around to face the diamond Shrill. The shrills sparkled white grin gave Bethoria haunting chills. [color=white]"you have not hitt me yet." [/color]its screaming voice said piercing her ears. She cringed and replied "I like you better when you hadn't been able to talk." Her attacker lunged its crystal body toward her in a rage. This had been what she was waiting for. she pulled out her dagger and held the butt close to her heart, the shrill knowing it could not pierce its skin continued forward diamond spikes extending from its body. they started to get closer to each other seeming in slow motion as Bethoria searched its body still holding her dagger butt to her heart. "there it is!" a small bare spot on its body where no spikes extended showed her the location of its heart. seemingly faster than the shrill could turn she shoved the dagger into that its heart ,shattering it, as the long spikes of its body pushed and scraped on her skin. she gasped as they touched and it screamed deafly into the sky and fell backwards onto the ground. Bethroia watched it as her ears rang, body throbbed and her own blood and sweat covered her. she looked to the left and to the right watching blurred images fight around her.
" thats it..." she thought "we're going to win!"

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