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(historic journals) Spindrill's WAR

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Post  ZenaRoth on Sat Apr 21, 2012 9:56 am

unknown day of winter, 52nd of the known year

Lieutenant Faloway,

We took the high mountain this morning and the King set up the victory camp on the top. I'm not sure why since it is the most unprotected of the taken lands; His pride might be the only wall protecting him. We have every open land and water flanked, they have nowhere to go now. some of the soldiers are asking why they don't just use their elemental powers to escape but the captains are saying we're preventing that. Strategically we have won the land.

Marcus Rembel, science researcher

I got to examine a Thero Methatra Nio wooden specimen today! an amazing experiance! I have examined many wooden specimens as they are the front lines for the race.


r the war ended
Court boy, Michel Hatton

I had to clean out the new stalls today.... I never want to do that again *_*....anyway, ever since they built the main Hall after the war ended they've been sending me back and forth fetching things. Now days its been decor for the castle and now I hear tell of a new part of the city on its way...they had better get more errand boys other wise I might be likely to end my services non voluntarily. I haven't had much time to paint now days but I did finish the painting I've been working on since the war....I'm not sure what to call it yet. I hope to one day show it to the king...it is of him after all. I hope he likes it.

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