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Post  ZenaRoth on Sun Mar 11, 2012 6:26 pm


I opened my eyes watching the swarling water light on the cieling. I exhaled and watched my breath freeze infront of me. I was not cold, nor did I feel anything for that mater. voices out side my bedroom, no, its singing....its my singing. why can't I hear what I'm saying? numbness over takes me and I black out.

"HEY! ania your temor is flat!" the little girl next to me yelled. I smerked inside "your singing was flatter then mine..." I thought "I'll try to do better..." I said smiling being polite. I went to choir every day, and she had the same comment every day. Being 10 I didn't have the best voice but my unique eyes and long white hair stood out enough for me to not be ignored. Most girls in snow fall ,for we only had girls, my age already had a posision in the council choir. Though my dream was not to sing, I still would have liked to sit in the ice castle on the beautifuly carved ice platue and sing for the grand mistress. I smiled and sang my line again. Who is it?


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