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Yutiah (WIP)

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Yutiah (WIP)

Post  Myungki on Fri Feb 24, 2012 3:43 pm

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Basic Information

Race: Odureg
Birthday & Age : 20, 58th day of winter,


Language 1: common
Language 2: Basic
Language 3: Poor

Physical Description
She is Flexible and fast. Height is 5'7" wieght 135. She has slight asian eyes that are soft brown. hair is dirt brown.
Character Concept
She is a loud type of girl that loves to be around friends. She likes exploring and doesn't usually listen to peoples orders to well. She has bad ADD. She other wise is a sweet girl.
Character History
She's lived her whole life in her small village Izaya, shes never had much of an exciting life.
Training (Skills, Lore)
cooking 7/100
unarmed combat 5/100
Singing 7/100
horsemanship 7/100
sewing 4/100
dancing 9/100
brewing 7/100
Intelligence 4/100
Equipment and Possessions
Starter pack: Bed roll. Eating knife. Weeks worth of food. Two dresses, simple brown dresses with tan ropes around the middle. Shoes. Brush/Comb. Water skin/Water container. 200 Revils
Curant money balence: 200 revils

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