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Steps to getting started!

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Steps to getting started! Empty Steps to getting started!

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 24, 2012 1:23 pm

Our goal

   Our goal is to give you a world in which you, the community, shape with your characters. How you do that is entirely up to you. Your character, for example, may be someone who's purpose is to discover the answer to how life on the Cortalth was created perhaps by traveling around discovering during his travels, maybe putting his thoughts in his journal or finding a companion to go on his trek with him. Another option? Perhaps your character is just a drunkard who lives for his next drink (though that doesn't seem to be a very productive character).

Why this site was created
This site was actually a birthday present for my RPG fanatic sister, you know her as Myungki. We have developed it into a site for collaborative story telling. Currently, we only have a community progressive type RPG but we're hoping to put up a simple spur of the moment category for everyone to use.

Cloudy Days is made up of a simple or complex structure depending on how many details you want to include. Start your character by going to the previous page, there you will find a list of Races, skills, provinces and their cities, jobs and all their descriptions. Once you have finished taking a look at them you can head on over to the Main Forum where you will find the Character Category. Enter this forum and copy the sample sheet to a new topic/post and fill out the information under each section (as simple or detailed as you wish.) then submit. WAIT!! but before you get started on the sheet! I have to tell you a little about how the system works.

First of all Race, you as a  creative player have a choice of many different races, pick one you like and if its is not on the list PM a Moderator and tell them what you are looking for and they can help you create your new Race legally.Race list



there are many skills to choose from on this site, you have a choice to use them or not. If you choose to use them, your Playable Character (PC) will have more experience starting out and will be able to have a better chance at getting a job. A starting out character will have 50 points of skills to distribute through out each skill you want (if you do not see one you want to have PM a mod for a request.). you can gain these points later in the game through NPC's or Moderators. try to pick ones you think are useful to your character.Skills list

choosing a Province/City
There are multiple places to start your character from. The Province list will contain descriptions of various starting points, their history, climate, culture as well as the common Races living there. Now Don't worry you won't be stuck with the starting point you choose for the remainder of your character's life, You have the option to move about the lands using and gaining your History/Skills/Family/Pets/Property/Romances as you travel from province to province (You can be just a wanderer if you wish).Province list


Time is kept by the mysterious watchtower in between ________ and ______ though it does not belong to anyone. No one knows for sure who or what created this tower but it is believed that how ever this planet came to be this tower was meant to guide them. If one were to climb to the top of this tower they would find the source of the changing light used to keep the seasons. A rock of clear color bathed in light from within itself. The color displays the season and there are 90 days in a season. The known year (Right now) is 120.
the mysterious light is seen through out the lands and can be seen under water. the light is does not seem bright for those close to it but seems the same through out the land. No matter the distance.
Winter: White
Summer: Yellow

Earning money

Selling to NPC's (you have to wait for a reply from the person playing the NPC)
Trading to NPC's (same as above)
Trading to other players characters (requires waiting for the reply)
selling to the Mods or admins (in the chatbox, the fastest way)
Getting a job
Breeding and selling
Random Admin givings (thing you might happen upon in your travels)


NPC's are played and created by the Admins and moderators. there are endless possibilities to use an NPC for, 5 of which I will show you how to do.

Getting a job from an NPC: all you have to do is ask one with that skill or need, the owner of the store in that skill area is best. wandering NPC's you may meet when traveling (like a hunter) you can also get jobs and sell things to.

Trading with an NPC:
if you have something to trade just ask them and propose a price, it changes. The price may be greater both selling and buying if you ask a NPC with that particular store.

Learning a skill from an NPC:

once again ASK that's the main factor in any RP. they may require payment or a trade. once you've both decided just fallow instructions. some may require hands on descriptions and other might just take your characters time and you really don't have to do anything.


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Steps to getting started! Empty Input

Post  ZenaRoth on Sun May 06, 2012 2:51 pm

Input on this thread helpfulness would be much appreciated because we're still in beta for this site.

please post some more questions you would like more info on or maybe something that wasn't helpful at all. This page is very important so we want to be sure everything is answered.

NOTE* we have had many problems with the complexity of this site we would like input on that to.

Thank you Very Happy,
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