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Grande and Mia

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 Grande and Mia  Empty Grande and Mia

Post  majesty_A on Wed May 30, 2012 3:16 pm

Personal Information

 Grande and Mia  Beauty,redhead,red,hair,makes,me,smile,red,head,woman,girl-ffe43ea73744853449d5d153370c2235_h

 Grande and Mia  Dd_ryley

Gender: Grande-Male

Race : 50% human 50% Odureg

Age: Grande- 20
Mia- 12

Name: First- Grande Last- Field
first-Miaerra Last-Field

Likes: Mia Loves sunsets, and anything sweet, her mind is alaways in a dream even when she's awake, and since she's poor her dreams is to be something big. Grande loves to fight, he loves war and his little sister, he especially loves flirting with women. He one day wishes to find a wife.After his sister is old enough to care for herself

Dislikes: Mia has nothing to hate, except disrespectful people and jerks. Grande seems to hate peace makers and people with no game. He can't be around other men either or else he'll feel dominated and wants to challenge them.

Personality: Mia~ She is a wonderful girl. She so sweet and passionate about everything, grateful for each day she is living. Even thought her whole family died she is still happy, trying to make every single moment she and her brother has, last. She is also wise, figuring things out before her own brother can.

Grande- He is all about war. And fighting, it seems to be his life which is where the questioning comes from, asking if he and Mia were related. He is very skilled in his fighting. He too is wise like his sister, but unlike her he has a perfect memory to absorb and remember history and other great books he has read before.

Physical Information

Height: Grande-6'3

Weight: Grande- 210(muscle)

Eye color: both with stunning black eyes

Hair color: Grande- Navy blue
Mia- Red, wet and wavy

Scars: Grande- a scar on his lip

Distinct traits: N/A

General appearance: pic above!

Skills: Grande-
Tracking: 10/100


Unarmed Combat:19/100



Jewel crafting:10/100



Riding: 10/100


Family: Mother;deceased; she ment the world to both of them, keeping them in check and everything before she died

Father;Deaceased; He wasn't known well, he died when they were all young

Sisters;all dead; Mia was one of the triplets of three, they all died which kind of killed half of Mia, and the oldest sister of everyone, even Grande has died also because of a sickness but she was also loved.

Friends: none ATM

Pets/Mounts: Grande- male Conga name- Shinka

Mia- Red female horse, named Cherry
 Grande and Mia  451054895_359
Role & Guild

Affiliation: N/A Grande is looking

Rank: peasant so far

Former guild(s): none

Years in Service: n/a

Occupation: Grande does little side jobs and hunting so they survive and Mia trys to make jewels and sing and dance with the horses for money and cook whatever Grande finds


Primary Weapon(s)

Grande has a sword

 Grande and Mia  Sword1

Mia has a small dagger

 Grande and Mia  Jeepers-daggers_fPJd7_1333
(one on left)

NOTE: Members may only start out with ONE primary weapon!

Type: Grande can only work with the sword, sometimes a bow and arrow but not much, Mia doesn't really use her dagger it's just for protection
b]Name:[/b] dagger and sword?
Range: sword is mid-long, dagger is short
Weight: sword- 30-90 pounds
dagger-1-5 pounds
Grip: sword-one hand
dagger-one hand
Ammunition: (If this is a mid-long-range weapon, how many projectiles can it fire per in-character thread?)

Appearance: pics at top


Type: Grande-bow and arrow
b]Name:[/b] (What is the name of this weapon, if it has one?)
Range: dull and small with only ten arrows
Weight: 1-6 pounds
Grip: (Is this a one-handed or two-handed weapon?)
Ammunition:ten arrows

Appearance: a wooden bow that seems to be almost broken, the ten arrows, four are held together by strong rope


(Does your character have any gadgets at his/her disposal? Perhaps he/she is a skilled thief or assassin and uses a grappling hook to get over walls. If he/she does have gadget(s) at their disposal what kind of gadget is it, and describe how he/she uses the gadget. DO NOT go overboard with gadget(s). Feel free to send us an image, or describe what it looks like.)


Grande- he holds onto a warrior outfit his dad once owned

Moia- On her horse's wagon is alot of stuff that holds their familiy memories like;

- her older sister's brush

-her triplet's each and separate blanket

-her mom's braclet

- clothes they they've worn before

Armor/Special clothing

Grande- He sometimes wears his dad's warrior outfit, to make him look tough or just to see if he can get to know his dad through it

Mia- Her brother's brown shorts that's tied with a rope and a purple robe that covers her body


NOTE: Make sure you're aware of the Character Creation Guidelines regarding Alchemy (WIP), so that you may have a better idea if your character ought to start with potions/poisons, how many and at what levels!

Category: (Is this a Potion or a Poison? Potions don't do harm as opposed to Poisons.)
Type: (What type of potion/poison is this? Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary, Illusory or Versatile?)
Name: (What is the name of this potion/poison? Please try to be creative with names.)
Description: (What does this potion/poison look like when used, what color is it and what exactly does it do one its been used? Please describe the effects of the potion/poison in at least 3-5 sentences.)
Range: (In feet or meters, how far is this effects range? If it's an area-of-effect potion/poison, what is its radius? If it is a self-inflicted potion/poison, just type Self.)
Class: (Is this potion/poison level 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 or 10? Keep in mind that depending on one's role/rank within the forum, they may start with more potions/poisons of one level over another.)
Reagents: (How many ingredients did your character need to use to create this potion, and what are the names of those ingredients? Feel free to be creative or you are welcome to use real-world flora and otherwise.)
Quantity: (How many of these potions/poisons is your character able to hold onto and utilize within an in-character thread? The standard is 2, if you're hoping for more, please contact an Administrator of the forum about it.)
Cooldowns/Post-count Duration/Drawbacks/Side-effects: (Higher level potions/poisons won't get approved unless they have equally high drawbacks. What is the negative of this potion/poison, if there is one? And if not, how long does it last in a thread, or what are its side-effects?)

Inborn Ability Information

NOTE: Members are restricted from starting with an inborn ability!! In order to have an inborn ability you have to earn it through hard-work and dedication to the forum. However, the Staff is willing to make an exception if the majority of the Staff approve of a members request to have an inborn ability at the start.

Name: (What is the name of your character's inborn ability? The name should distinguish it from other inborn abilities, along with what exactly it does.)
Stage: (What level is this Inborn Ability? Keep in mind that if you've been granted permission, you have to start with Stage One of your Inborn Ability. There are a maximum of three Stages.)
Type: (Is this inborn ability offensive, defensive, supplementary, illusory or versatile?)
Description: (What does this inborn ability allow your character to do, how does it effect your character or its target(s)? What does it look like when it's in use? What does the character have to do, if anything, in order to trigger the inborn ability?)
Range: (In feet or meters, how far is this inborn ability's range? If it's an area-of-effect inborn ability, what is its radius? If it is a self-inflicted inborn ability, just type Self.)
Physical changes: (Do any physical changes occur when this inborn ability is active? If so, feel free to send an image of the what your character turns into, if anything, or simply describe how his/her appearance changes at all.)
Origin: ( explain your character's relationship to the inborn ability or even his/her experiences with it in a paragraph of at least 3-5 sentences.)
Cooldowns/Post-count Duration/Drawbacks/Side-effects: (Inborn abilities won't get approved unless they have equally high drawbacks. What is the negative of this inborn ability, if there is one? And if not, how long does it last in a thread, or what are its side-effects?)

Biography & RP-Sample

Birthplace: unknown

Biography: A human man who goes by the name, the mist fell in love with a odureg woman. She left her home and tribe to follow him on his adventures. It wasn't long before their first child was born. A baby girl, and two years after a baby boy. Their father fled every year, so they never got to know him, war keeping him away. And one he did came back fully which was about 10 years later, he and his wife decided to have more kids, giving birth to triplets all girls! All with red hair. As surprising as this was the time came.

The human man came down with a sickness and soon died because of it. The odureg woman was devistated but she continued to take care of her children and love them. A war broke out though, and somehow they were caught in it. The older sister decided to try to take her siblings to a river or lake, only the triplets wanted to got, leaving Grande home with his mom. He tried so hard to fight for her, but he was too young to do much, losing and having his house burned down with his mom in it, he somehow escaped. Thinking of no war to happen the sisters walked back to the tribe, to see their brother unconsious and their village burned. Some of the soldiers weren't gone, kidnapping the triplets and selling them as slaves, but they were to young and nobody wanted them, so they killed them off. Except Mia, who fought for her life and trieed to do the same for her sisters, which didn't work.

Grand and his older sister went looking for them and when they only found Mia alive, they were both full of anger. The older sister approached the people who did it, she was furious and tried her best to fight, to only get hurt. And since they were so poor, they couldn't treat her, she got worse and worse each and every day to die. Mia and Grande were the only one left. Living in a hrose wagon, living off what they found and little money they tried to save up.

Role-Playing Sample: " Good work Shinka and Shacion!" Grande said as he went to go grab the three deers the animals had pounded on. He was proud as he held them up in the pets honor. He slung his bow over his shoulder as he cut the deer open and took out the meet, or at least one as Shinka and Shacion feasted on the other two. Grande was tired. After doing a little job as a blacksmith, which he failed at and got little pay, all he waned to do and go to the wagon and fall asleep. He started heading to the dirt road he stopped at with Mia. And when he came back, he watched people gathering around the wagon and clap their hands. He facepalmed himself. She was doing it again!

He ran over to the wagon to watch Mia sing,while the horses danced to it. The horses galloped around her in a rythm-like way." Everyday is merrier, and every day is better! Take a stroll! Down the road and find happiness there, everyday gets better!Dashing down,racing streams makes a day!" Mia singed, a smile on her face. Grande grinned but then put it away as soon as Mia was done.

"More!" Someone screamed.

"No!" Grande said aloud." You will all be on your way, she may do it again tommorrow." H etold them. Nobody would challenge his tone of voice as the group cleared and Mia sat on the ground gathering coins.

"I know you will be mad but look!" She told him showinghim the bucket of golden coins she had got. Her hair was partly pulled back, braids flowing out the side of her red hair."Why won't you let me do this more often?" Mia asked. He sighed.

" Because, I want you to do the regular, like cook the meat like you did the other night." He handed her the deer, she held it with no problem as she began to start a fire. After they were done eating they gathered in the wagon to sleep.

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