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Race List and info

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Race List and info Empty Race List and info

Post  Admin on Thu Feb 23, 2012 4:05 pm


Currently the largest population walking the surface of Cortalth, culturally humans seek to master every aspect of knowledge, passion, experience, scientific or spiritual endeavor to find the meaning of life on their planet. As the masters of survival, they have learned much of this world, By exploring it, thusly have produced many of the known mapping. Humans are revered among the races because of their strong sense of freedom and have proved, over many wars, that they intend to keep it. Physical variations include; Natural hair and eye colors, height range of 5'1 to 6'6, skin color differentiating from sun exposure and heritage.


  • Racial skill Bonus +15 points
    Average life span 90 turns



Nicknamed the "Symphony of the deep" Azorians are an aquatic Race, exclusively female, residing 3,900 feet under the ocean in Suirauqa province. Physically; pale to colorless water-proof skin, natural blue eyes with a slightly larger pupil, height range equal to that of a human, as well as almost humanoid qualities of their upper body. Their lower body, at the gap of their legs to their feet and toes, appears to meld together through the overlapping of fins into that of one long tail. Slight distinctions of their leg-lines are visible. With the smooth scaled leg-fins folded in they look completely humanoid, with the exception of their lack of outer ears and virtually flat chest. Historically the first of their race, when lonely, seduced sailors on their shores, bonding with them enough when they returned they were able to have children. Azorians are able to travel at speeds up to 200 mph due to the streamlining ability of their bodies.


  • Powers

The Kiss of healing- heals all wounds. if not injured in any small way (you need special permissions for this) you have a chance to become immortal.
The kiss of draining-drains energy, the longer the more potent.

Void shells- a mysterious power, not often witnessed, the ability to pull out sea shells from anything.

Sailors song- calls unsuspecting sailors through the power of song

Yo-ho, the pirate has struck, we have won the tale, love among our women,
And we are worthy, to be heard and listen too, united we can make you do lovely deeds
To win my affection and to win my heart you must follow my words into the deep

  • racial skill bonus +5 points

  • average life span 18 turns


Famously beautiful, Kiroshonin (also called Kirin) are theorized to be a selectively bred humans. Over centuries of cultural argument have been allowed their own race status. Culturally they consist of a six person council that rules with selfish pride and divine beauty. Their people struggle to keep peace among the families. Often attacked by other races because of their selfishness, and women stolen for their divine beauty they have secluded themselves in high walls and strict laws. The females and Males are separated into city sections, the law allowing co-visitation only in certain city sections.   When a female Kirin conceives they are taken away to an underground location were they stay for the remainder of their term. Immediately After birth the females and Males are separated into their sections. When the mother returns they are know as the Balric and are regarded with a lower rank because of the physical impurities of child birthing. Children are taught since birth to keep the laws through fear of a fate worse than death. (servitude underground for life, without physical amenities.)


  • Racial skill bonus +9 points

  • average life span 30


The smallest of the races. They are often mistaken for fury 5-6 year old children because of their young physical appearance and slow maturity. Question Their childlike legs may be misleading because in actuality they can run unbelievably fast making them fantastic messengers. Yinty don't usually live with their kin and are almost never on their own.

  • Racial skill bonus +20 points


Thero Methatra Nio (Shrill)
Race List and info Images10

A race born with no voice, they appear to be made of/closely resembling stone, crystal, earth, trees or sometimes leaves and flowers. two known types; being physically made of their element which gives them full control over its current state, being in the physical shape of a human with some differences including, eyes, skin color, what their hair is made of and affect on other elements. They have remarkable communication and observation skills as well as a different perspective on nature. The Shrill live anywhere they please but are often hunted. There is no known history.


  • Powers

Although they can not speak they do posses a silent scream that usually scares off those of a hostile nature and warns the peaceful.

  • Racial skill bonus 3 points extra and 10 disguise

  • average life span unknown


A Humanoid Race able to transform themselves into a specific animal. they mature and age faster making them look older than they are. they have a strong sense of pack and have a profound sense of guidance. They are not animals, they just retain animal traits and personalities. (Must be in one form or the other not half way- subject to change-)

Racial skill bonus +5 points extra.
they keep the animal senses when in human form.
they can only be conceived and born when in human form.

Desh'nerain (Elven language for brother)

The sister race to the Leiram consisting of a group of people driven since birth to find and bond with their one companion. (animal or not has not been decided) once their companion is found they are always happiest with them and without them they can not function within normal parameters. They are not physically different from humans and have no animal traits.


WIP (subject to change):
A tribe of artistically inclined people. Various hair colors, height range from 5'-7'.They have a physical appearance of a human except for light scaling on the back, large amount of hair(usually put in dreadlocks), and in some cases cat like pupils . Self style is very important to the Race's culture.(they enjoy lots of bright make-up)


WIP (subject to change):
the most intelligent race of Rathenezz. The only race you actually have to apply for. Evan though they insist you call them a race their more like a guild or a group. They call them selves the alumni of races. They have no set physical appearance because of the many races involved but most follow the steam punk style.


Race List and info Risar-10

Race List and info Female10

Avg Height Male: 7-8 feet, Female: 6'5-7 feet
Avg Weight Male: 400-600 lbs Female: 200-350 lbs
Life span: 250-300 turns
Skin: Clay brown, clay red, black, more or less all earthy tones. Most Trall have patterns such as spots on the majority of their bodies.

Trall without a doubt are the closest one can get to an "invulnerable creature". To kill a single Trall takes many people, another Trall, or the strongest of warriors. A Trall's hide can easily turn away swings from blades and shatter blunt wooden weapons, these rules apply to almost all of a Trall's body. The more ideal areas to strike are farther up, the eyes and mouth for example are good place to lash at (if you are tall enough to get to it). In addition to the orifices of the face, a rider with a spear could send a Trall to it's knee's with a POWERFUL stab to the collar bone area or the neck.Site accredited to this race

What else makes Trall's bodies perfect for combat beside their obvious height and thick hide? There are multiple things within the Trall's body in fact. Tralls have two hearts and four lungs giving them remarkable endurance due to the fact how fast oxygen can be sent through their bodies.
Trall cannot reproduce with other races as most other Races in Cortalth due to their great size and biological differences. Site accredited to this race

Mixed Race

most everything about the races can be inherited. the following are known.

  • Leiram can inherit a physical trait of the parents animal

(for now this includes Nekos if desired)

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Race List and info Empty Mount list

Post  ZenaRoth on Tue May 29, 2012 5:49 pm

Mount list


Race List and info Cobra10


  • Top speed: 60 mph
  • Resistance to heat
  • No need for water
  • Heat sensing
  • Impaired vision

  • Consent need for something to burn

Sex: Male and Female

Available: 13


Race List and info 640x5610

  • Top speed: 80
  • Terrain: tundra, plain, desert, jungle

Conga or Harbanger

Race List and info Conga_10

Advantage/Disadvantage :




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