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From here to there....without anywhere to be

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From here to there....without anywhere to be Empty From here to there....without anywhere to be

Post  ZenaRoth on Sat May 19, 2012 12:34 pm

Bora walked along the wood planks that made up the decks on the water perched house of Delzo. The sun had barley risen when she had seen the town for the first time, Only a few hours ago she was on the back of a friendly farmers cabbage cart wishing she had brought a pillow. The planks creaked and she tried to step carefully feeling like she would fall through into the freezing water at any moment. Bora stopped to let a few sweaty commoners walk past her, one of them bumped her on the shoulder Shocked pale . "uh!" she brushed off her cloth covered shoulder as if the man had some kind of disease. The men turned back to see what had made the pretty girl disgusted. Both of them smirked and rolled there eyes and began to whisper and laugh as they walked away. "commoners..." she said a she turned heading back down the planks to what she thought might be the Inn.

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