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History and culture of Merpla

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History and culture of Merpla Empty History and culture of Merpla

Post  ZenaRoth on Fri May 04, 2012 10:43 am

History and culture of Merpla Merpla10

Long ago a mermaid society was destroyed, lost. Beautiful women were lost, and became scattered because of it. When all hope was lost, a mermaid that went by the name "Ziniah Ocean" founded Merpla, rebuilding it. Once the women from the destoried civilization found out they decided to come and help. It became a Society known as the Azora, a name Ziniah came up with. Because of Ziniah Ocean's work to build the society, she was crowned queen of the nation. Azora is a society if strong women, their ancient language cannot be readable or understood by many. they all posess an ability called Sailor Song. Since no man lived among the mermaids they used the Sailor song to control the sailors giving them child without remembering. A common sport Azora women have is dolphin racing. Using carriages and dolphins to race all over Merpla. Queen Ziniah was doomed to die, leaving the nation to her daughters and the people of Merpla erected a statue in her honor.

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Ziniah Ocean; May she rest in peace

History and culture of Merpla DC-MermaidQueen


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