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Post  ZenaRoth on Sat Apr 14, 2012 2:34 pm


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Bora thenawin Pretty10

Basic Information

Race: Odureg
Birthday & Age : 19 Winter 70th, year 101
Gender: Female


Language 1: Fluent-common
Language 2: Basic-undecided
Language 3: Poor-undecided

Physical Description
a fairly tall girl standing at around 5'9'', golden blond hair, sky blue eyes and a perfect complexion. She is naturally skinny and lean built and always walks like shes dancing on air.

Character Concept
Shes to young to know anything about the world she lives in...and frankly doesn't care. She has been fighting in a beauty contest all her life...and now she's run away from the only place she knows leaving her family and fortune behind...well almost all of her fortune. She's off to find any other meaning in the world...other than beauty.
Character History
Training (Skills, Lore)
playing an instrument-10
disguise-9 racial points

Equipment and Possessions

commoner's clothes


100 revils


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