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Botany list/archive/submission

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Botany list/archive/submission Empty Botany list/archive/submission

Post  ZenaRoth on Wed Mar 28, 2012 3:47 pm

Post the botany form info and you will receive payment of 1 full revlis.

Identified list

  • Name: Dersarg

    Picture: Botany list/archive/submission Red_gr10

    Description: A grass of red color, grows in high amounts of light

    Affect: Healing proprieties when socked or dried and more effective on vegetarian animals.

    Name of discoverer: unknown

  • Name: kcalbfael (black leaf)

    Picture: Botany list/archive/submission White_10

    Description: A white leafed plant with one leaf, Long steamed and can climb onto trees.

    Affect: leaves are very poisonous in any form but non toxic to most animals.

    Name of discoverer: unknown (probably dead from finding out.)

  • Name:Toortrid

    Picture:Botany list/archive/submission Potato10

    Description: very rare and hard to find. It grows about five feet underground and is often hunted by tree moles. looks like a plump brown root.

    Affect: Basically a potato, that's Extremely filling, that can be made into flower, bread, milk, or powder

    Name of discoverer: unknown (that's because it was a tree mole)

  • Name: Mina

    Picture: Botany list/archive/submission Mina10

    Description: a Small purple mountain flower, short stemmed with five small Triangular petals.

    Affect: Produces a sparkle like powder when blown on by a human. the power is of unknown affect.

    Name of discoverer: unknown (I don't have her name right now)

  • Name: Sephrald

    Picture: Botany list/archive/submission Mfp2ds10 Botany list/archive/submission Blue_r10

    Description: a royal blue rock usually no lager than your palm.

    Affect: none or unknown

    Name of discoverer: unknown (also don't know her name at the moment)

*Submit form*

Name:( what you want to call it)

Picture: (optional)

Description: (as much detail as you can please)

Affect: (this is the part that needs approved. please be clear)

Name of discoverer: (character who discovered it)


[b]Name:[/b][i]( what you want to call it)[/i]

[b]Picture:[/b][i] (optional)[/i]

[b]Description:[/b] [i](as much detail as you can please)[/i]

[b]Affect:[/b] [i](this is the part that needs approved. please be clear)[/i]

[b]Name of discoverer:[/b] [i](character who discovered it)[/i]

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