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Delzo history/description

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Delzo history/description Empty Delzo history/description

Post  ZenaRoth on Wed Mar 28, 2012 3:21 pm

Delzo history/description Delzo10
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Built by an unknown Founder Delzo city has continued to grow and prosper as a center of trade and commerce . Having the Fastest sea ships draws much attention to the bustling mountain village and not only the trade but the Ruler "Samuel Gruffin."Sam is not only the toughest man in the city he happens to be the kindest of rulers you could ever have. It's position between the two great mountains gives it a strategic advantage and is considered the safest of the cities. Delzo is ruled Very simply, Provide for your family and work for your province.

Character's Name
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Basic Information

Birthday & Age :


Language 1: Fluent
Language 2: Basic
Language 3: Poor

Physical Description

Character Concept

Character History

Training (Skills, Arcana, Gnosis, Lore)

Equipment and Possessions


there is no official military but every man/woman in Delzo will fight for their family and Trusts Samuel's cause for peace.

(Centered around the shore line docks.)

Ships are always coming in and out of port selling and trading as well as transporting. There are Dock merchants, Ship merchants and various store set up by the villagers.

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