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History and culture of Spindrill

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History and culture of Spindrill Empty History and culture of Spindrill

Post  ZenaRoth on Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:00 pm

History and culture of Spindrill Spindr11

One of the Great Cities (info on the great cities) currently ruled by the Queen Bethoria (put her link here). Spindrill was founded by Bethoria's father (name) 67 seasons ago when he canquered the Land Falls from the Thero Methatra Nio and was built into a grand city of a sturdy stalactite type rock hardened by the allied Denwine. It's a very common place to go, because of the academy base set up after the war, the atmosphere is usually very calm with the occasional student unable to hold their liquor.The Most common attraction however is the Famous Denwin Falls, people travel from across the world to see that and the Academy's new tech. Housing is sold on both the outskirts, lower tier as well as the outer walls, everything else shops, official's housing, Ad Bulletin board and Palace are within the higher areas.

Official guard training grounds
Located behind the city on the main lands connecting Spindrill and the White Water Falls, this is used for all the recruits from Spindrill to train and live. Each recruit will get a space in a 5 bedded house and food as well as needed supplies.Theme song

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Music Themes for this area


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