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History of Rathenezz

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History of Rathenezz Empty History of Rathenezz

Post  Admin on Thu Feb 23, 2012 2:29 pm

I have decided that , due to the nature of this being a community built culture, there should not be a set lore or story line. Just like in the real world not everything is obvious, we have to go out and actively seek and observe what is real and what is not, though somethings maybe obvious. I believe that from this observation was the origin of what we call "religion", "worldview" or "Global Perspective". It is not something forced upon us but rather something people want to share.

In this direction our pioneers are extremely important and all perspectives are encouraged.

(the history and unknown area of this world is decided in parts called Lore that you can have adventures finding. simply request the first part of the lore and a Mod will Direct you to the place you must explore to talk to find the secret lore.) in progress

What we know of this world, as people of Rathenezz, is that.......the Humans, Aroz, Odureg, Irokak, Yinty, Shrill, Leiram, Menowin, and the Denwine....Did not create this world. what we do know is, The Light in the watch tower has always been there. An ancient world still holding many secrets, yet to be discovered. The inhabitants are aware of the several different climates which constantly change making their seasons, the wonderful animal species and plant species that live together in harmony could not have been an accident or mistake of random accurance. instead they think of it as a work of art made for them and some have even sought out the cause gaining great power and some fallen into Darkness.

Moderator in charge of lore-ZenaRoth


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