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Azmar Lola

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Azmar Lola Empty Azmar Lola

Post  Myungki on Tue Feb 28, 2012 11:48 am

Character's Name
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Azmar Lola Gyuri

Basic Information

Race: Aroz
Birthday & Age : 21
Gender: Female


Language 1: backwards language
Language 2: common
Language 3:

Physical Description
She is tall5'11", thin 135lb, agile and strong. She is pale and has black-blue eyes.
Character Concept
She is an adventurous girl and likes to meet new people. She is smart and happy most of the time but easily gets mad or saddened because of the natural emotions. she doesn't really understand people therefor takes things usually in a bad way making her mad.
Character History
She has lived in merpala ti'll she was about 18 and has been traveling since then around the world. She has been to almost every town but because of the size of the world she had been losing money to just traveling and had to get a job. she is heading to spindrill to find a job and make a new life
Training (Skills, Arcana, Gnosis, Lore)
Acrobatics 5/100
brewing 5/100
climbing 5/100
cooking 5/100
horsemanship 5/100
intelligence 10/100
running 5/100
wilderness survival 10/100
Equipment and Possessions
Bed roll
water skin
200 revlis
shirt and pants
weeks ration
eating knife


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