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Zachary Davis

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Post  Myungki on Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:55 pm

Zachary Davis
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Basic Information

Race: Leiram (Black panther)
Birthday & Age : 22, 4th of spring
Gender: Male


Language 1: Common
Language 2: Basic
Language 3: Backwards language

Physical Description
Strong build, wide shoulders, deep brown asian eyes. 6'0" and 150 lbs.
Character Concept
He is a tough loner that aviods others at all costs. He hates being in busy or loud places. He has never had interest in romance or getting to know people therefor will perposly make it hard for people to get to know him. He will not persue anything he does not agree with or dislike.
Character History
Has lived in the rimwood most of his life.
Training (Skills, Arcana, Gnosis, Lore)
Brawling 6/100
splunking 6/100
tracking 10/100
trapping 5/100
unarmed combat 5/100
climbing 4/100
wilderness survival 10/100
fishing 4/100

Equipment and Possessions
Starter pack: Bed roll, Eating knife, shirt and pants, shoes, 200 revlis, comb, water skin, weeks food.
200 revlis

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