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Gavin DaGrey

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Post  ZenaRoth on Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:38 pm

Gavin DaGrey

Gavin DaGrey Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRYM2Ymz1-PYXMLu6mGLIlA964x1fqj7o4YB1o-MZhCAMGx_X83

Basic Information

Birthday & Age : 26, 26th of summer, 99


Language 1: common-Fluent
Language 2: Basic
Language 3: Poor

Physical Description
Tall (6'1) muscular build, Blonde hair blue eyes 26 year old.
Character Concept
young ambitious Human from Zaderac. Gavin is life goal is to marry the girl of his dreams (Akana of Izaya)
he will stop at nothing to get her to love him!
Character History
being played out mostly.
Training (Skills, Lore)
Hunting 5/100
trapping 15/100
tracking 10/100
unarmed combat 3/100
wilderness survival 7/100
playing a musical instrument 2/100
Riding 3/100
stealth 5/100

Equipment and Possessions
Bed Roll
eating knife
1 Weeks food
simple white shirt
Simple cloth pants
leather boots


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