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Nay nay (WIP)

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Nay nay (WIP) Empty Nay nay (WIP)

Post  JadeDragon on Fri Feb 24, 2012 3:56 pm

Nay nay
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Nay nay (WIP) 41371_100000701795543_1493_n
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Basic Information

Race: Irokak
Birthday & Age : 20 27th day of spring
Gender: female


Language 1:common- Fluent
Language 2: Basic
Language 3: Poor

Physical Description
Strong, felible and fast
Height: 5.11
Weight: 150
Skin tone: dark brown
Eye color: bright blue
Hair type: black, medium length, soft and curly

Character Concept
Hard headed, sweet
Dreams of being awesome hunter
Doesn't like guys who are wimpy
Character History
She was orphan until 7 then she was taken in by the leaded of the tribe and lived with him
Training (Skills, Lore)
Acrobatic 10/100
Animal husbandry 5/100
Tracking 5/100
Trapping 5/100
Wilderness survival 7/100
Climbing 10/100
Leather working 5/100
Intelligence 8/100

Equipment and Possessions
bed roll
eating knife
1 weeks food
water container

200 revils

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